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2 categories of snowboarders 
Good  snowboarder who knows how to  cut turns and who wants to have more sensations by approaching his body  and  her  head  snow.
- Either he is  equipped in shell with soft shoes  and  a freecarve board - bordercross
- Either it is equipped with a plate with rigid shoes and an alpine type board.
The Extremecarver who wants to progress and improve in his frontsides and backsides.
The Extremecarver who wants to progress and improve in his frontsides and backsides.
- Either he is  equipped in shell with soft shoes or in plate with rigid shoes and the  Sward board  DUAL typed freeride - freecarve
- Either it is equipped in plate with rigid shoes and the Swoard board  EXTREMECARVER.
DUAL 2  : Size: 158 - 163 - 168 - 175 
EXTREMECARVER : Size: 161  - 168 - 175  
                       Flex: S - M - H
The beginner level in Extremecarving
Learning Egyptian  crossing and learning the Frontside with the Push-pull method.
The intermediate level in Extremecarving
Perfection of the Frontside and learning of the Backside  with the push-pull method.
The good level in extremecarving
Backside improvement and sequence  of the Frontside and Backside by swallowing.
Depending on your level, the exercises will therefore be different.
He  none existed  not  in France and  too many lone snowboarders want to make nice turns, carve and try  to lean more and more to the extreme. 
It is not enough to look at images or videos to know how to do Extremecarving but to know how these exremecarvers  were successful, when did they  sets off  their turn, how to put my body, my arms, my head, where and when?
Why am I not getting there?
Nothing is harder than correcting your faults...
Instead of waiting years and years of practice to achieve these superb turns, these unique courses in France will allow you to learn faster  the right moves to progress and succeed.
Without counting the snowboaredrs in Alpine, qualified as dinosaurs, which  joining the big family of Extremecarvers are reborn (Alpine New School).
You observe and analyze the particularities of each one.
You  demonstrate the correct movements to perform in the exercises by breaking them down.
Follow you in your tests to give you the appropriate timing and advice. I  helps me sometimes  mobile phone with only one earpiece, so you can hear me better.
I also use video to help you understand why you're not getting there,
see each other for  next really  correct and improve. Extremecarving is  a sports practice  of sensations.
Along with your videos, you'll walk away with a personalized checklist of the moves you need to make to succeed in your turns.
The strength of these courses is the adaptation  yours, your style. The advice I give  are personalized to each using a differentiated pedagogy. 
If there were any skeptics, Seb, beyond his kindness, is a great teacher! As proof, my frontside image, after a weekend of training, when I had never done D Extremecarving before!
Mission this year, the backside! There is work! lol
I'll keep you posted quickly Seb, for the weekend of 17/18.
Carvingdially🤔😉😎                                    Edward T.  09/06/16  
I confirm EVERYTHING; great pedagogue , advice... on 17/12, I will be there.                                                                                  Christopher M.  09/12/16   
And an internship, one! as a birthday present. Roll on this winter...                                                                           Jean-Francois B.  09/15/16   
  The Dual was at the top for mixing lying turns on the piste and powder surf on the sides! Great course, a big thank you to Seb for EVERYTHING! And there was even a little gray sky between 2 moments of blue sky  😎
Looking forward to the next course!                                                                                                          Michael MO   03/01/16   

Well, how can I say... "Have you been downhill for 10 years? Forget what you're doing and relearn another technique!"
We start like that and after we find ourselves having pain in the knees which rub in the frontside (even if the technique is in learning).
Thank you Seb for your advice and your pedagogy, I will test in January to better resume classes in February. A+

                                                                                 alex34   01/05/16

Great course!
And this despite not optimal snow conditions. So I greatly appreciated the grip of the board on hard snow and its versatility.
Thank you very much Seb for your availability and your advice.
There is more than to refine the technique for me also to have all holes in the gloves.
Can't wait for the SDT stage in 15 days to meet the big EC family
  😉       C13m   01/04/16  

This internship idea is great, you have to develop the thing in Haute Savoie too eh (I have the apartment there).
Bravo for this initiative.
  😉😉😉                                                                                                          bino  01/03/16

A big thank you to you Seb for your patience, your pedagogy and all your advice.
Your internship was awesome.
I call you back  from the 31st ... if it does not snow too much.                     cryingsceadu   12/28/15                               
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