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Swoard owes its reputation to its snowboards and the riding technique it has developed. Spectacular turns, purity of gesture, ease, fluidity... All this is made possible thanks to the innovations of a team of enthusiasts who do not follow trends... but create them.

She makes  a typical Freeride / Freecarve board, the DUAL to be mounted in a hull (Sofboots) and perhaps also mounted in a plate (Hardboots).

And another board, the Extremecarver typed Extremecarving, the GEN 4 (and the PRO) to mount in plate (Hardboots).

Much of what made EC (Extremecarving)  possible returns to the board: the  SWOARD Extremecarver. This model has been developed for 15 years in parallel with the EC technique of the two founders. Thus, linking up turns is much easier with a SWOARD than with any other board, since it is the only one to have been designed expressly for this (while remaining very versatile and easy).

Carving first appeared in Europe with alpine snowboarding in the late 80s, before being copied by the ski industry. It has been proven that it can be pushed to the extreme, even touching the snow with the whole body. But the lying turn (Vitelli turn) has remained a curiosity, an isolated gesture that one performs frontside in front of amused friends or the terrace of a restaurant, without being able to get up.

Chain turns completely lying down  (up to the armpit), this is what is offered to you here by the founders of extremecarving (EC),  Jacques Rilliet  and  Patrice Fivat, for the first time since March 2002! No book, no snowboard school taught this discipline which they created in a very recognizable style, inspired by water surfing. It is the result of their joint experiences in competition, pro design of snowboards, teaching in Switzerland and above all diligent practice.

This sport, still marginal, provides incredibly  exhilarating. You'll be able to make turns that seem impossible, see the snow slide past inches from your eyes at breakneck speed, feel the track rub against your armpit, and leap from one turn to the next.

Participate in  revival of alpine snowboarding! The craze for extremecarving is obvious: a dozen magazines have already published our photos, four TV channels have broadcast our films, and SWOARD has organized  more than 32 meetings  nowadays. 

Enjoy your visit and sleep well!







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