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Peyragudes  is  a  station  of  sports  winter  from 
Pyrenees  located  in the region  Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrenees.
This  station  brings together  the  resorts  of  Peyresourde 
(slope  high  Pyrenees )  and  from  Agudes  (slope  Haute-Garonne ).  One of its attractions is precisely this double exposure.
You can pass between these two sides via the Col de la Flamme, or the top of the station.
She is a member of the N-PY channel.


In view of the superb damage done by the professionals of Peyragudes, many snowboarders  found themselves in this station to do carving and Extremecarving .
PEYRAGUDES  got involved  in  Extremecarving by welcoming in the Pyrenees the  stages of  "SWOARD DEMO TOUR",  the Extremecarving STAGES and dedicating a track with new  signage.
Even if risk 0 does not exist,  everything is done to limit the risk of collision.
Peyragudes contributed to the creation of the first banners of Extremecarving and by dedicating a track  to this practice of snowboarding.
These streamers  inform other skiers and snowboarders of our big curves.
This is a world first and we are proud of it...  
This track "Les Faucons Bas"  starts in red and ends in blue, this  who  suitable for all levels.
(Depending on the weather conditions, the state of the snow, the crowd and the schedule, we will also go on other tracks).
Extremecarving à la radioSeb HENRI


“Bravo to the resort of Peyragudes, which is really up-to-date and knows how to be innovative!  
It's here
  first station in the world  to prepare and reserve an extremecarving track for the whole season, since winter 2014-2015!    

As I said last year:
We knew the slalom stadiums, the snow parks, the boardercross, ... Here come the extremecarving stadiums!

Congratulations also to Seb (and those around him, like Eric), who makes alpine snowboarding "trendy" in the region! His passion moves mountains!
In short, things are moving well, and the number of "alpine new school" practitioners is increasing, seemingly nothing!

Patrice Fivat

Swoard & EC founder

Geneva, Switzerland

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